La voce, il legno, il metallo

The voice, the wood, the metal

La voce, il legno, il metallo is a DUOroboros project commissioning works to composers, inviting them to explore the special universe characteristic of our formation.
Our aim is to bring our listeners into contact with the world of current music, responsibly carrying a message of actuality. We work so that the research underlying the project is understandable in its historical relationship with the past and that in this contextualization it takes life and becomes available to anyone who is ready to listen.

The founding elements of the project are the sounding musical materials we use: the body in the voice, the wood in the cello, the metal in the percussion.
Starting from the musical potential and the historical meaning of these materials, each composer develops a specific musical path.

For this project the DUOroboros has been collaborating with the italian composers Matteo Belli, Riccardo Perugini and Giovanni Vannoni, joined by Valerio Rossi (CH), Edgar Warren Williams (USA), Ari Ben-Shabetai (ISR), Satoru Ikeda (JP) and the poet Darcy Blahut (CA).